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      OOF WEAR

      We are always looking for new languages to interpret the geometry
      of spaces in order to convey innovative and elegant shapes and volumes in our garments.
      Every piece has its own identity that fits whoever is wearing it.
      In this way, every jacket can tell a new story.


      The OOF WEAR logo, created in 2016, draws inspiration from a painting by Edward Ruscha exhibited at the MoMA in New York.
      The strong geometric shapes and vibrant colors of the artwork form the distinctive DNA of OOF WEAR,
      where forms and volumes engage with color, transporting us to a world that is both ironic and sophisticated, as well as innovative.

      OOF WEAR
      OOF WEAR
      OOF WEAR


      OOF WEAR is art.
      OOF WEAR is geometry and color.
      OOF WEAR is design, architecture, and music translated into the fashion key.
      The core where everything comes to life is "THE SHAPES’ LAB," a dynamic space where creativity knows no bounds. Colors are explored, studied, and blended to continually identify new nuances that make up the OOF WEAR color workshop.