OOF PEOPLE is anyone who chooses who to be and how to be.
OOF PEOPLE is a real Community with unique features
that goes beyond the meaning of logo or brand.
Choosing OOF WEAR doesn’t mean simply buying a piece of clothing
but sharing the same ideas, values and ethic
that are part of the brand vision.

Join the OOF WEAR Community through
or any other creative art form
using the hashtag #OOFPEOPLE. 
The most original ideas will be shared online with the Community.

# M U S I C


Playlist on Spotify

Enjoy your time at home listening to our playlist on Spotify.

Just dance and relax with us!

# A R T

“OOF” - Edward Ruscha

1962 (reworked 1963)

The OOF WEAR logo, created in 2016, is inspired by an Edward Ruscha painting exhibited at the MoMA in New York.
The strong geometry and the intense colours of the piece create and identify OOF WEAR’s DNA.