For OOF WEAR, respect for the environment
is an extremely crucial topic.

We care about this aspect greatly and we maintain a consistency
both in the packaging of our garments
and in the use of environmentally-sustainable materials.

The padding of OOF WEAR garments is in fact a padding
certified worldwide with the SORONA® brand;
the DuPont USA company (creator of this special padding)
has been a partner of OOF WEAR for several seasons
and it is recognised as a world leader in the research,
production and development
of thermal padding for clothing.

OOF WEAR finds this company to be the ultimate alternative
to animal down feather.

The fibres of this padding, extremely soft and elastic,
represent the perfect combination of bio-technology,
innovation and protection of the environment.

Always in full respect of the environment, OOF WEAR has decided not to use any material of animal origin.

The furs and leathers used for some of the outerwear are absolutely Animal Friendly.


Everyday we experience first-hand the consequences of climate change and we think that reconsider the relationship between man and natura is our duty. 

The fashion industry can't take a passive approach to this topic anymore.
For this reason, we are trying to providing customers not just a  fashion product but also ever more sustainable. 
Our commitment for the next seasons is to use innovative materials totally and/or partially recycled.

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