“There is more than one soul. More than one style and more than one colour.
OOF is the expression of the duality which defines our personality. It shows the beauty of hidden contradictions comfortably and elegantly.”

The OOF WEAR logo, created in 2016, is inspired by an Edward Ruscha painting exhibited at the MoMA in New York.
The strong geometry and the intense colours of the piece create and identify OOF WEAR’s DNA.
The geometric shapes dialogue with their colours, transporting us to a world characterised by two universes: the masculine and the feminine.

In these spaces, shapes and volumesplay in synergy with different shades, creating a unique style with a modern and refined, yet at the same time playful, taste.
This is how OOF WEAR was born, a project consisting of only outerwear and accessories for the male and female world. In the collections, great classics are reinterpreted creating new silhouettes.

Materials in contrast with one another are mixed with sophisticated patterns and shades.

For those who want to choose who to be and how to be.


OOF WEAR is art.
OOF WEAR is geometry and colour.
OOF WEAR is design, architecture and music translated in the key of fashion.

Everything is born out of “THE SHAPES LAB”, a dynamic space where creativity has no limits.

Colours are explored, studied and mixed to find new shades that make up OOF WEAR’s colour atelier.
We are always looking for new languages to interpret the geometry of spaces in order to convey innovative and elegant shapes and volumes in our garments.
Every piece has its own identity that fits whoever is wearing it.
In this way, every jacket can tell a new story.

This freedom of identification has given rise to the OOF WEAR COMMUNITY.

Join the community and write your story.


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